How to Fix Xiaomi Redmi AirDots problem with connection to each other or pairing issues

The procedure of Fixing Xiaomi Redmi AirDots problem is very simple and takes a few seconds.

1.Put your Airdrops in the box, make sure they are charged. Remove airDots from your device.
2.Take your both Airdrops out of the box.
3.Turn off both Airdrops by pressing airDots button and holding the button for 5 seconds (until you see a red light).
4.Perform reset :(reset of stored Bluetooth device and reset of connection between both Airdrops headphones).
To do this reset, press and hold the button on both air drops for 20 seconds (the headphones should flash after 10 seconds and 20 seconds) do not release the buttons until you see a light blink.
5.Turn on your Airdrops by pressing and holding the button on both for 5 seconds or put it in the box and take it out.
After done restart : on the right earpiece, you should see a white flashing light, but on the left, you should not see any light. It means that there is a connection between the headphones, and the right handset is waiting for the connection with the phone.

There we go! The AirDots are now synchronized with each other, so they are able to communicate with each-other in stereo mode.

Video Tutorial

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