Deploy War File to Heroku

Steps needed to deploy war on Heroku
  1. Create war file in Maven. You can do this by referring here
  2. Install the Heroku Toolbelt from here
  3. Open the command prompt (for Windows) and type "$heroku login".
    it will prompt to enter user name and password. Enter the credentials of your heroku account.
  4. Now, to install the heroku-deploy plugin, enter the code:
    "$ heroku plugins:install heroku-cli-deploy"
  5. Now deploy the war file to the heroku server by this code:
    "$ heroku deploy:war --war path_to_war_file --app app_name"
  6. If you are in an application directory, the --app parameter can be omitted:
    "$ heroku deploy:war --war path_to_war_file"
Your App will be successfully deployed to the heroku server.

Source : stackoverflow