Tomcat: accessing the static Resources from outside of WEBROOT directory or from local disk

Step 1 :
Create a folder under webapps of tomcat server., let us say the folder name is myproj

Step 2 :
Under myproj create a WEB-INF folder under this create a simple web.xml

code under web.xml


Directory Structure for the above two steps

                                                            |   |
                                                            |   |---WEB-INF
                                                                |   |

Step 3:
Now create a xml file with name myproj.xml under the following location


CODE in myproj.xml:

<Context path="/myproj/images" docBase="e:/myproj/" crossContext="false" debug="0" reloadable="true" privileged="true" /> 

Step 4:
4 A) Now create a folder with name myproj in E drive of your hard disk and create a new

folder with name images and place some images in images folder (e:myproj\images\)

Let us suppose myfoto.jpg is placed under e:\myproj\images\myfoto.jpg

4 B) Now create a folder with name WEB-INF in e:\myproj\WEB-INF and create a web.xml in WEB-INF folder

Code in web.xml


Step 5:
Now create a .html document with name index.html and place under e:\myproj

CODE under index.html Welcome to Myproj

The Directory Structure for the above Step 4 and Step 5 is as follows

    |     |----myfoto.jpg
    |     |--web.xml

Step 6:
Now start the apache tomcat server

Step 7:
open the browser and type the url as follows


then u display the content which is provided in index.html

Step 8:
To Access the Images under your local hard disk (outside of webroot)


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