GitHub Pages and Google Domains together


Oh, that annoyed me more than it should. Yes, it's quite easy to make your custom domain point to your GitHub Pages project, but from the confusing GitHub documentation (too much freaking information) to the annoying first-page Google results, took me a while for everything to work properly.

Now I have my GitHub Pages project working fine over HTTPS with my custom domain on or

So... assuming:

  • you already have a custom domain (mine is
  • you already have a GitHub Pages project (if you don't...)

... here are the 3 simple steps to use your GitHub Pages project with your domain:

  1. Our GitHub Pages repository settings (<your-username>/<your-username> in the Custom domain field, put your custom domain including the www in the beginning, like so:
    GitHub Settings Custom Domain
  2. Check the box Enforce HTTPS (you may have to wait a little for this option to be available).
  3. Add the following Custom resource records to your Google Domains DNS configuration:
    Google Domains DNS Config

  • A set of A records pointing to GitHub's IPs. Here you can find the updated IP addresses that should be used.
  • A CNAME record pointing to <your-username> and with www on the Name field.

Wait a little bit again for everything to work. It will work!

Well... it works for me! =)

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